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What (And Where) to Eat in Puerto Vallarta


Few cuisines in the world are as tasty, inexpensive and varied as Mexican – and Puerto Vallarta is no exception. While many resorts offer Western all-inclusive menus, the area also boasts many great restaurants from the fancy to the hole-in-the-wall. Really, it'd be almost criminal to leave Puerto Vallarta without having indulged in at least a few classics.

So, here are our top 5 "must eats" in Puerto Vallarta – and our favorite places to find them.

#1: Pescado Embarazado

Don't be put off by the not-so-appealing English translation of 'pregnant fish'. The fish is not, in fact, pregnant – just coated in lime juice and then grilled on a stick and served with salsa. This popular street food can be found all over Puerto Vallarta and there are many incarnations using different types of fish and even shrimp. We recommend them all.

Where to find it: choose a street stall, any street stall!

#2: Seafood Cerviche

Cerviche is one of the most famous dishes in all of Latin America, and it is best enjoyed on the coast. Puerto Vallarta certainly fits this bill, and we love the flavors that go into this dish made from marinaded raw seafood. The flavors vary greatly depending on the ingredients used and everywhere has their own recipe, but we can't look much beyond an octopus-infused ceviche for something delicious and unique.

Where to find it: We love the tasting platter at Joe Jack's Fish Shack.

#3: Tacos

They may be a bit of a cliché but that's for very good reason – they're absolutely delicious! Really, who doesn't love tacos? They're a simple crowd pleaser that the whole family loves – and they're super tasty in Puerto Vallarta. While there's probably a flavor and recipe for every day of your stay in PV, so don't be afraid to try different flavors and styles until you find your favorite.

Where to find it: Pancho's Takos usually has a line of both visitors and locals, so you know it's good!

#4: Carnitas

Carnivores will love this classic Mexican dish which originated from the state of Michoacán but rapidly gained popularity all over Mexico, including Puerto Vallarta. The name translates to 'Little Meat' and is made by braising pork to create a juicy, tasty dish. It can then feature within a dish, or be a tasty (if not terribly well-balanced) meal on its own.

Where to find it: It's one of the many tasty meals on offer at Casa Tradicional Cocina Mexicana.

#5: Pozole

A delicious soup/stew featuring either pork or chicken in a broth made from traditional ingredients and spices. The two main incarnations of this dish are 'rojo' (red) or 'blanco' (white), and both are super tasty. Be warned, restaurants (especially those geared towards locals) may make their pozole hot with many chilies, so this might be one to keep away from the little ones and leave to the adults!

Where to find it: El Campanario is an authentic, cheerful restaurant that serves a mean pozole.

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