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What we do 

We want to get you going on an adventure, on a trek, on a walk about.  We will make sure you always have a great place to stay while you try new things, taste new tastes and experience life in great new ways. Lets go on a hike in Whistler, or wine tasting in Spain.  Maybe water skiing in Lake Tahoe, Zip lining in Cabo or exploring caves in the Mayan Riviera. 

Who we are

Travel FreeEk is your muse, your trusty knowledgeable travel companion. When you need ideas about where to explore and what to do when you get there, check in with us to get insider info about the best places to stay and the experiences you don't want to miss!

How it works 

It all starts with Vacation Ownership.  You know it, have been part of it, like it and even love it…yes, Membership has its privileges!


Our resort partners want to offer you their resorts to stay at while you experience things you never thought of, at times you never imagined. You never give up your week; this is “extra” fun. Have a look around our site, get an idea of the “things” you want to do.

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Where are we off to next?


Where to?

Where to?

What are you after?

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