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Top 10 Foodie Hotspots in Marbella


No playground for the rich and famous would be complete without a great selection of incredible restaurants, cafes and bars to thrill your taste buds. Of course, Marbella does not disappoint in this respect – although the choice can be overwhelming!

To help you decide what to savour in Marbella, here are our top ten recommendations.

#10: Al Minzah

Moroccan | $

Morocco lies just across the ocean from Marbella, so it is no surprise that it has influenced the foodie scene in the city. We love a good ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant and humble Al Minzah’s is a great choice. With a humble and welcoming setting, it is a relaxed and friendly place to visit – and the food is absolutely delicious. Plus, it’s one of the cheaper options in Marbella, so your wallet will thank you.

#9: Restaurante DOM

Spanish cuisine is absolutely delightful and – unsurprisingly – there's plenty on offer in Marbella. There’s a number of great restaurants, but we love Restaurante DOM with its professional and friendly service and, of course, its mouthwatering menu. Dishes can either be shared or enjoyed alone – we recommend the former so you can try more of the tastes on offer!

#8: Mosh Fun Kitchen

[] Multicultural | $$

Why choose between a fancy restaurant for a delicious meal or hedonistic club for a night of partying when you can have both? At Mosh Fun Kitchen, transition seamlessly from a mouthwatering dinner to an all-night party. We also love the innovative menu which has strong European and Asian influences.

#7: BACK Tapas

You simply can’t leave Spain without sampling tapas, and we particularly love BACK’s modern approach and innovative menu. Featuring classic Meditteranean flavours with a modern flair, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular and well-loved restaurants in Marbella. Perfect for enjoying with a group or just for a romantic dinner, it is a must while in the city.

#6: La Plage Casanis Marbella

Right of the waterfront, you’ll love La Plage Casanis Marbella if you love a great view over dinner (and who doesn’t!). Featuring tasty Belgian dishes that can be enjoyed either at the table or perhaps from your beach hammock, we love this restaurant/beach club. Although it has a capacity of over 250, it does fill up, so we recommend booking ahead.

#5: Genji Sushi Bar

Sushi | $$

Amongst the many expansive restaurants and enormous skyscrapers, it is nice to find the hidden, family owned gems such as the humble Genji Sushi Bar. Don’t let its modest size fool you, this is some of the best sushi in all of Marbella. You’ll definitely want to book ahead to make sure you don’t miss out on the scrumptious, fresh sushi and sashimi on offer.

#4: Vegan Cafe at the Farmacy

[] Vegetarian/Vegan | $$

For those looking for delicious vegetarian and vegan offerings, look no further than the up and coming Vegan Café at the Farmacy. Featuring a diverse menu with favorites such as burgers, burritos and carrot cake, it is a friendly and informal café where the emphasis is on fresh, health food. Definitely worth a try for those who enjoy vegetarian dishes, or who are just keen to try something different in Marbella.

#3: Tempora

Nestled in the heart of the Old Town, soak up the beautiful atmosphere and enjoy the delicious cuisine at ever popular Tempora. With Spanish, European and Meditterranean flavors, you can expect to find delicious fresh seafood as well as other options such as mouthwatering steak. Priding itself on its warm and friendly service, Tempora is a brilliant option for a romantic dinner or even an indulgent lunch with good friends.

#2: Pasta y Basta

Keeping a five star rating on Tripadvisor is no easy feat, yet Pasta y Basta manages to be almost universally loved by the masses. It’s no wonder, really, with its hearty and delicious Italian fare, impeccable service and value for money. It’s worth booking ahead as it’s a popular staple in Marbella, but you certainly won’t be disappointed.

#1: The Harbour Bar & Restaurant

Seafood | $$$

Nothing says “beach getaway” like enjoying a scrumptious seafood meal with glorious views and a glass of champagne in hand. Our favorite spot to indulge in this is at The Habour, which is part of the Harbour Club, giving it an exclusive and glamorous atmosphere. With beautiful views out over the water and, of course, mouthwatering seafood dishes, you’ll feel jut like a celebrity dining here.

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