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The Joys of Puerto Vallarta's Beaches During the Rainy Season


Puerto Vallarta in Mexico's north east is a definite holiday hotspot, with tens of thousands of people visiting each year to soak up the sun, eat delicious Mexican food and maybe meet some of the interesting native flora and fauna.

While it's lovely to do all this during the dry season, the major drawback is that everything is crowded with long-stay visitors as well as cruise ship passengers. As a result, prices can also be pretty expensive and accommodation options more limited.

By contrast, there's plenty to be said for visiting Puerto Vallarta during off season, which is around April to October. Puerto Vallarta's tropical climate means that during this time, there is more chance of rain, and the temperature can be very warm and humid.

Although humidity might not be everyone's cup of tea, Puerto Vallarta is of course a seaside paradise with plenty of beautiful beaches where you can cool off. It's not hard to put up with a bit of humidity when you have so many opportunities to dive into crystal clear water to escape it! Plus, with the extra money you've saved in your budget, you can probably splurge and upgrade to that poolside room for when you don't feel like leaving the resort.

Best of all, forget vying for space on the beach with hundreds of other eager visitors – in the low season, you're likely to have some beaches almost to yourself. There is undoubtedly something so relaxing and magical about having gorgeous bays like Camarones Beach in relative peace and quiet.

More space means more room for you and your family's activities – whether that means spreading out with a good book and a picnic lunch, or having some space to kick a football or play a round of beach cricket.

Less tourists also means that you can live life more like a local, with more restaurants having availability and more opportunities to stop and chat to local residents about life in Puerto Vallarta. Simply, it is less hectic and more relaxing – perfect for your holiday and making sure you come back totally refreshed and relaxed.

While the off-season months do see a drop in the number of tourists, Puerto Vallarta is certainly not a ghost town! You certainly won't get lonely, and there's still plenty of action and atmosphere around the place and especially in the evenings.

Likewise, while some locally owned restaurants and attractions do close down for some of the off season, they are relatively few in number and most things operate year-round. There's even a few magical activities, such as watching the hatching of turtles on the beach, which only occur during the lower season. You certainly don't need to worry about not finding things to fill your itinerary with.

All in all, we'd dare to say that Puerto Vallarta's gorgeous beaches and various attractions might just be even better during the low season, when there are less crowds and even some unique activities to enjoy. Come before the secret gets out!

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