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Top 10 Unmissable Experiences on Cozumel

Cozumel has a reputation for being a quiet place, where the main activity on offer is unbridled relaxation and there’s no overwhelming list of “must dos”. That is certainly not to say, however, that Cozumel lacks options for travellers looking for things to do on their holiday.

Quite the opposite – the island has many varied options to keep people of all ages and interests happy. To help you narrow down what you want from your trip, here are our top ten unmissable experiences in Cozumel.

#10: Take in the View from a Lighthouse

Towards the most southern point of Cozumel stands the Faro Celarain Lighthouse, which looks out over the ocean to the south of the island. Not only does the Lighthouse make a beautiful addition to photographs of the landscape, but you can also climb it and take in the gorgeous 360 degree views out over the sea and the island.

#9: Sip on a Fresh Coconut

There is nothing like sipping a fresh coconut to make you really remember you’re on a refreshing and relaxing holiday to a tropical Carribean island. Fresh coconuts are served all over the island so be sure to sample at least one while you’re on Cozumel – you can even get a spirit of your choice added in if you’re feeling daring!

#8: Find a souvenir in San Miguel

Cozumel is so beautiful and relaxing that you’re sure to want to bring home a reminder of your trip. The best place to shop for unique souvenirs is downtown in San Miguel, where you will find an impressive selection of handicrafts and other goods, including blown glass homewares (be sure to store them safely in your suitcase!) and colourful Mexican pottery known as talavera.

#7: Visit a Mayan Ruin (or two)

Chichen Itza can’t get all the attention! Although it’s actually possible to day trip out to Mexico’s most famous pyramid, there are also many (albeit smaller) Mayan sites on the island of Cozumel. These include the fertility temple ’El Cedral’ and ‘San Gervasio’ a temple in honour of the Goddess Ix Chel.

#6: Relax on the Beach

Of course – it goes without saying, you can’t possibly visit Cozumel without spending a minimum of a few hours reclining on the beach and soaking in the beautiful sun. There are any gorgeous beaches on Cozumel, but some of our favourites include the lively Playa Azul as well as the more secluded Playa San Martin on the east coast.

#5: Dive Santa Rosa or Palancar Reef

Cozumel is widely regarded as one of the world’s best diving spots, and there are dozens of diving instructors and sites around the island. Some of the most famous spots – which are suitable for divers of all ages and abilities – include Santa Rosa, which has a dramatic walled drop off, and the Palancar Reef. There are many reputable diving companies such as Scuba Life Cozumel ( who can assist you with your trip.

#4: Eat, then Snorkel at Money Bar Beach Club

A true Cozumel institution, Money Bar Beach Club is a great place to stop and have lunch at the laidback and informal café, before borrowing one of their complimentary snorkel kits to go and explore the surrounding reefs. Helpfully, the Beach Club also provides free showers and changing facilities for guests to use.

#3: Go for a Bike Ride

The size of Cozumel, and especially the north eastern corner near San Miguel, makes it very pleasant to explore via bicycle rented from one of the many providers {LINK:} . Also on a bike, you can soak in many beautiful views from the bike lane which wraps around much of the island. Although it is possible to rent a scooter or a car, we say forego it for a bike instead!

#2: Sample Some Authentic Mexican Food

Although tourism is one of the main industries on Cozumel, that’s not to say that it is lacking in authentic or genuine Mexican options. There are many great cafes and restaurants to sample delicious local falvours – one of our most favourites is La Choza Cozumel, a humble restaurant that serves Mexican and is favoured by locals on the island (always a good sign for the quality of the food!)

#1: Meet a Turtle

Turtles are undoubtedly one of the best loved residents of Mexico and especially around the Yucatan peninsula and surrounds, including Cozumel. These graceful and friendly creatures can often be seen while snorkelling or diving, and some visitors may even be lucky enough to get to swim near or with them. Another amazing sight to experience firsthand is the hatching of baby turtles who then make their journey towards the sea.

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