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Whistler's Best Family-Friendly Hiking Trails


If you're anything like us, a holiday means getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and instead relaxing and making great memories. Hiking can be one of the best ways to do this – far from the beeps of your phone or the stress of a peak hour commute, you’re simply surrounded by gorgeous nature and fresh air.

Of course, convincing many kids and teenagers to leave their iPhones in their back pockets and disconnect their Xbox controllers can be a challenge. Luckily, Whistler has a number of hikes that are great for families of all ages.

These hikes are easy enough to avoid complaining, while still giving the younger ones a sense of accomplishment. Plus, there's enough to see and do on the trails to keep all family members interested and entertained!

Note that most of these trails are not accessible in the height of winter when they become snowed under.

Fitzsimmons Accessible Nature Trail

One of the newer hikes, this trail has been specially planned out to be easily accessible for families of all ages, as well as visitors with mobility issues. Not only does this mean that the trail is suitable for children of all ages (even those in strollers), but it's also well sign posted and very interesting.

Kids – and adults who still act like kids – are sure to love discovering the different stops along the trail, and especially marveling at the claw marks on the trees that are bears' favorite scratching posts. The whole trail can be completed in an hour or so, depending on how often you stop (and how fast little legs walk!)

Train Wreck

This is another short hike that's great for families since it features an interesting sight at the end – as the name suggests, there's a wrecked train carriage that has now been turned into an art installation. While it's an interesting sight for hikers of all ages, teenagers in particular may be tempted by the prospect of a great Instagram post!

If that fails, keep in mind that this hike finishes off near Function Junction which has quite the assortment of eateries to use as bribes to keep the whole family hiking!

Lost Lake Trail

One of the most popular and well-loved hikes in Whistler, the Lost Lake Trail is great for people of all ages – and dogs are welcome too! About 5km in length, the trail offers many beautiful views of Lost Lake and the dense trees. It is well sign-posted, and you are welcome to ride a bike if traveling on two wheels seems more appealing than on two legs!

The trail ends at a 'beach' on the edge of the lake, which is a popular swimming spot – so be sure that everyone packs their swimwear if it's warm enough. Even if it's not, it's a fun place to stop for an hour or two and kick around a ball or just enjoy each other's company.

While these are three of our top picks for families, Whistler has dozens of hikes that vary from relaxing strolls to challenging endeavors. The Whistler insider blog features write ups on just about all of them, and can be found here.

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