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Branson’s Got Talent: The Best Live Shows in Branson, Missouri

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

The town of Branson in southern Missouri has been an underappreciated cultural hotspot for decades. Despite having a fairly humble population of about 10,500, the city’s many theatres and concert venues mean it punches well above its weight in the cultural stakes.

Today, the town has a very impressive lineup of shows including live music (from country to R’n’B), theatre, and even acrobats – as well as plenty in between.

With so many live entertainment shows, narrowing down what you actually want to see can be a challenge. One approach is simply to keep your eye on websites such as <WEBSITE NAME> for last minute deals. However, if you’d rather plan ahead, here are our favourite shows to check out while you are in Branson, Missouri.

Variety Shows

For decades, variety shows put on by all-singing, all-dancing and all around all-performing groups have entertained people of all ages. Branson boasts several of these lighthearted and feelgood shows, including The Hughes Music Show and its Christmas incarnation which is on show in November and December. The show features over 50 enthusiastic performers who are masters in crafts including singing, theatre, dance and comedy. Definitely something that everyone can enjoy!

Retro Shows

If only you could turn back time... well, in Branson, Missouri, you can! For a fun and nostalgic night out, check out one of the many retro shows that showcase the tunes of decades from the 1950s through to the 1990s.

Whether you remember listening to the music in days gone by or just want to experience the tunes of past eras, these shows are great fun for all ages. Branson features both touring shows as well as some permanent stalwarts, such as Motown Downtown which is an upbeat homage to the crooners of the 50s and 60s.


Despite the city’s humble population, it has an impressive 30 theatres that put on more than 100 shows annually. From enthusiastic amateur productions to polished Tony award winning shows, there is so much to see and experience for theatre lovers (or those just keen to try out something different).

The show list changes regularly so it’s best to check it out online to see what is on while you’re visiting. You can either try a comprehensive websites, such as Branson Show Tickets or alternatively if you have a venue in mind, take a look at their site. We love King’s Theatre, a historical theatre previously owned by performed Bobby Vinton. A hurricane nearly destroyed the theatre in 2012, but it has now been rebuilt and houses many fabulous shows!

Dinner Shows

What’s better than watching a fun or though provoking live show? Watching it over a delicious dinner, of course! Make it a real night out by visiting one of the many venues that put on a fantastic dinner spread as you also enjoy a live show, such as the ever popular Dolly Parton’s Stampede, an extravaganza that features amazing equestrian scenes as well as some adorable rescue dogs performing some impressive tricks. Best of all, it’s all over delicious and hearty American classics such as hot buttered corn on the cob.


There’s no doubting that acrobats can delight and impress people of all ages, and Branson boasts many great shows, either as standalone performances or as part of a variety show.

Although many of Branson’s shows have an Americana theme, we really love the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai which draws upon overseas influences to put on an incredible show featuring many impressive feats such as chair balancing and aerial acrobatics. The show is perfectly put together with brilliant costumes, lighting and sound, and has become one of the town’s most beloved regular showings.


Branson has a long and impressive history with live music, so it is no surprise that it continues to put on a brilliant array of musical shows to impress and delight visitors.

Many of the shows are “for one night only” or short runs, and are featured at venues like the Starlite theatre. However, the city also hosts a range of permanent stalwarts which have become part of the classic Branson experience. Some of the most popular genres include country, with shows such as the Bellamy Brothers, and gospel, with shows such as the uplifting Sunday Gospel Jubilee.

And the rest...

This is just a selection of the shows available in Branson, Missouri. There are many more, from the impressive trained house cats of Amazing Pets to magicians such as the Illusion Rick Thomas. Whatever you’re looking for in a show, you’re bound to find it in Branson!

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