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Some things you may want to think about Experiencing while visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Cabo San Lucas is well known among active vacationers. While it is not a heavily populated town it is heavily visited. Cabo San Lucas is located on the coast of the southern tip of Baja California. Each year many from the United States and Canada flock to the region to vacation in what many believe is a piece of paradise.

Cabo San Lucas is an extremely popular port of call for cruise ships. Many cruises from Los Angeles to Mexico included Cabo San Lucas in the itinerary. Being on the coast, Cabo San Lucas is known for its beaches. These aren’t any ordinary beaches either. They are pristine. The beaches in Cabo San Lucas keep travelers coming back time and time again.

If you love seafood, Cabo San Lucas is going to delight you. The food is fresh as you might imagine. Of course, most travelers are there to party and enjoy the activities such as sports fishing, adventure tours, water sports and much more.

Cabo San Lucas is becoming a sought-after vacation destination, and that’s a fact. Its popularity is steadily increasing. Cabo San Lucas offers something for every vacationer, including privately secluded getaways, beachfront weddings, nightlife, and activities. If you are planning a vacation to Cabo, here are the top seven things to do in Cao San Lucas.

Like Scuba Diving? Try the Sea of Cortez

There are tons of great diving locations in the Cabo San Lucas area but if you haven’t had the opportunity to try out the Sea of Cortez, you really need to make it your next trip. Its unique and nutrient-rich ocean environment is supports a rich with a variety of sea life, everything from 800 marine vertebrates species, to tuna, dolphin, sharks, Dorado, and marlin for you discover. Try experiencing the sand falls, which are really cool streams of sand that form the appearance of rivers in the ocean by falling like a waterfall over the underwater canyons, which is another site you need to see. If you are really lucky, you may be able to spot migrating grey whales, manta rays, or even the very majestic whale shark. Diving can be accomplished any time during the year but for best results you may want to go between June through November. If scuba diving is a little more than your adventure will take you, then try snorkeling. It will allow you to see many of the interesting fish and coral structures that exist along the beautiful shore line. There are many different great tours available.

Whales, Whales and more Whales

Whales pass several hundred meters off the Cabo San Lucas coast every year. The best time to see whales are between January and March when the gray whale migrates. There are several ways to whale watch in this beautiful aquatic area. From the beach, perhaps during a dive or snorkel event but the best overall way to get the full experience of these majestic marine mammals is from one of the many local tour boats.

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