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Soaking in the Summer Sun at Whistler Blackcomb

Having been one of the main sites of the 2010 Winter Olympics, you might be forgiven for thinking that Whistler Blackcomb is only worth visiting in the cooler months when all of the ski slopes are open. Far from it! Whistler is an outdoor amusement park that can be enjoyed by visitors year-round.

In fact, visiting in the warmer months – between April and June – has many positives. First of all, the chill factor is almost non-existent, meaning you can enjoy the beauty of Whistler in the warmth and leave the furry coats at home. Plus, most of the snow melts, leaving behind a totally different (but equally beautiful) landscape than the one you see in winter.

Another benefit of visiting Whistler in the warmer months is that it is lower season. Not only is this reflected in the price, but less crowds means more wide-open spaces for you! Given that Whistler remains a popular getaway in summer, accommodation and other attractions remain open. You'll have no problem finding somewhere to stay – plus you may even score yourself a great deal.

There's no shortage of activities during summer, either. As the snow melts, many hiking trails are uncovered, leaving hundreds of kilometers of walks for people of all ages and abilities. Many of these hikes are reached via the PEAK2PEAK Gondola Ride (in itself a great activity in all seasons!) but you can also enjoy many others in the nearby mountains if you're wanting to venture further afield.

Since you hopefully won't meet any on your hikes, take a special bear viewing tour in search of Whistler's fiercest - yet somehow still pretty adorable - residents. On the tour, a ranger will take you off to the best bear viewing areas, from the comfort (and safety) of a four-wheel drive. While this is the most sure-fire way to see a bear or two, don't be surprised if you catch a sighting from the chair lift!

All of Canada is pretty great for nature-lovers, but Whistler is a real treat. There's a seemingly endless selection of things to do in summer – from canoeing by the lake to camping out under the stars, it's the perfect place to get away from the hurry of city life and just relax. Many of the activities available are designed with the kids in mind, so you can expect to create many great family memories during summers in Whistler.

If you prefer your adventures a little more heart-stopping, there are also some thrilling choices including bungee jumping, horseback riding and white-water rafting. Of course, if you prefer your holidays a little more tranquil, you can always opt for a spa treatment or drop by the Whistler Farmer's Market.

So, while Whistler might be synonymous with snow, there's every reason to check it out in the summer months. We're sure that once you find yourself soaking in the sunshine and admiring the view over the lakes and mountains, you'll be tempted to return every summer!

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